Disciples: Sacred Lands Edit

"The Wizard is the Empire's best spellcaster, he is able to cast lightning bolts on all enemies in battle"

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Edit

"The Wizard is a peerless spellcaster; he calls down mighty bolts of lightning from the heavens"

Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit


This venerable elder can easily prove that his knowledge allows him to send entire enemy armies into the swirling abyss of the tempest.

  • Attack Type -Ranged
  • Attack Source -Air
  • Target -All
  • Movement Range-3 hexes

Lv13 AttributesEdit

  • Health -540
  • Armor -5
  • Critical hit -0
  • Attack power -112
  • Initiative -20
  • Cover Points -0

Lv13 StatsEdit

  • Endurance -18
  • Strenght -7
  • Intellect -45
  • Agility -20
  • Dexterity -40

Lv13 Magic ResistancesEdit

  • Fire -40%
  • Water -10%
  • Air -50%
  • Earth -15%
  • Mind -5%
  • Death -0%

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Invulnerability -Caster cannot move, but cannot be harmed by any way.
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