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Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit


Summoned from the depths of time, the Titan embodies brute force and power. He's not a monster yet, but already not human, he is capable of crushing the enemies of the Empire.

  • Attack Type -Melee
  • Attack Source -Weapon
  • Target -Single
  • Movement Range-3 hexes

Lv18 AttributesEdit

  • Health -900
  • Armor -17
  • Critical hit -0
  • Attack power -192
  • Initiative -40
  • Cover Points -2

Lv18 StatsEdit

  • Endurance -45
  • Strenght -48
  • Intellect -4
  • Agility -20
  • Dexterity -32

Lv18 Magic ResistancesEdit

  • Fire -10%
  • Water -45%
  • Air -35%
  • Earth -25%
  • Mind -15%
  • Death -0%

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Earthquake -Hits all enemies with Earth damage.

Disciples II: Dark ProphecyEdit


The Titan is an immense, stalwart creature; she towers far above enemy armies.

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