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The Mountain Clans or the Dwarves are a playable faction in Disciples, Disciples 2 and later in Disciples 3.

Short HistoryEdit

Ten years have passed since the death of the Dwarven Highking Sturmir Thunderhammer; ten years of relative peace for the Dwarves. Since the end of the war against Mortis' Undead legions the Dwarves have become more determined than ever to recover their lost Runic knowledge. Little do they know that they will soon face an enemy more dangerous than any Undead abomination...

The Mountain Clans are dwarves who live in mountain caves and possess runic powers, given to them by their god Wotan and rudimentary technology like steam engines and explosives. The Clans were allied to the Empire during the First Great War and still maintain a friendly relationship with the humans. The giants consider the dwarves to be their cousins and are willing to aid them in defending the mountains. The dwarven capital is guarded by Vithar, who sits at Wotan's right hand.


The Warriors of the Mountain Clans posses low initiative and move scores, but to counteract this they have the highest HP pools in the game, in combat they can deal large amounts of damage, their casters are even dedicated to boost the raw damage of their units. They also have plenty options for none weapon elemental damages Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They are excellent army for playing defensively. The units of the Mountain Clans require a lot of XP to level up. Although this causes them to be slow to level up, the results are well worth it.

Their magic is mostly centered around enhancing their units further and can also do moderate amount of damage but they possess no spells that weaken enemy troops. Their armour spells are second to none. Ice shield on Level 1 gives 10% armour, while the Level 4 Chant of Fortitude boosts your armour by 33%. On Level 5 Ancestors' Call provides an additional 33%. Going against Guardians was never so easy.

The travel spells can greatly enhance the Clans' units movement. Forestwalk and Seafaring are dirt-cheap spells, and can get you surprisingly far in a single turn. If you cast both, it means that you can cross any tile as if it was clear terrain. Add in Chant of Hasting (recovers 100% of your movement), plus Winds of Travel (a global version of CoH), and you'll see that an average, 60 MP hero can cross almost any map  in less than 2 turns. Note, that Mage heroes can cast both travel spells twice, giving you an overall MP of 300 (60 by default, and 2*2*60 due to the spells). Though it costs an enormous amount of mana, sometimes it worths the price.


  • Generally the highest HP pools in the game
  • Formidable damage in combat
  • Several options for none "weapon" damage
  • Great in defensive play
  • Well-balanced magic with decent summons, speed buffs, defensive and offensive spells.


  • Generally lowest initative stats in the game
  • Slow to level
  • No flying heroes
  • Slow on the map (without using global spells)



  • King's Guard - Warrior Lord. As warlike leaders, the King's Guard are sent to quell any danger that threatens the Dwarven lands.
  • Dwarf Champion - Rod Bearer
  • Thug - Thief leader

Melee UnitsEdit

The Mountain Clans have the most variety in upgrade paths with their fighters.
  • Dwarf
  • Warrior
  • Veteran
  • Venerable warrior
  • Dwarf king
  • Rune master
  • Mountaineer
  • Hermit
  • Wolf lord
  • Fenrir spirit

Mage UnitsEdit

  • Tenderfoot
  • Novice
  • Druidess
  • Archdruidess
  • Alchemist
  • Yeti

Shooter UnitsEdit

  • Axethrower
  • Crossbowman
  • Forge guardian
  • Flame caster

Support UnitsEdit

  • Hill giant
  • Rock giant
  • Tempest giant
  • Elder one
  • Ice giant
  • Son of Ymir

Summonable UnitsEdit

  • Roc
  • Stone Ancestor

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