Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit


The most useful sectarians are gifted with a Book of Darkness, which whisper dark thoughts of Hell directly into their minds. It fills the Sorcerer with power.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level5 Attack TypeRanged
ClassMage Attack SourceFire
Movement Range3 TargetAll
Endurance12 Attack Power92
Strength6 Health360
Intellect37 Cover0
Agility22 Initiative20
Dexterity20 Armor3
Magic Defense
Fire15% Mind0%
Earth45% Death0%
Water5% Air5%
Special Abilities

Every level a Sorcerer ?? Endurance (?? hp) and ?? Intellect.

Units in the Legions faction in Disciples III
Leaders DukeCounselorArch-DevilThief (Legion) • Hero: Haarhus
Fighters Possessed Berserker Dark Paladin Infernal Knight  
Archers Gargoyle Marble Gargoyle Onyx Gargoyle  
Mages Cultist Witch Daughter of Sin Succubus  
Sorcerer Demonologist Pandemonius Modeus
Support Imp Demon Moloch Demon Lord Abyssal Devil
Beast Tiamath
Special   Fiend  
Guardians Spark -> ?? -> ?? • Capital: Ashkael

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