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PX : until 3050

HP: 500

Inmunities: Water

Defense: None

Attack: Ice Sword / Frost Burn

Chance to Hit: 80%/85%

Damage : 150/ 30 (+15 damage per level)

Source: Water/Water

Initiative: 50

Reach: Nearby

Targets: 1

Son of Ymir is the fastest unit in the dwarven army that can deal damage. His Frostbite DoT ignores armour, thus he is an excellent addition to a party that storms a capital. He also levels quite fast for Mountain Clans, has the biggest HP pool among the clans, and is an overall meanest and sturdiest minion. Note that his attack damage cannot be buffed past 300 even with [Archdruid], so should you use single-target giants while you play Mountain Clans, consider taking an [Alchemist].

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Son of Ymir