Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit

Traveling quickly around the realm, the Ranger is ready to fulfill any scouting mission. He seems weak and fragile, but his main advantages are sharp eyes and precision.

  • Attack Type -Ranged
  • Attack Source -Weapon
  • Target -Single
  • Movement Range-3 hexes

Lv1 AttributesEdit

  • Health -360
  • Armor -12
  • Attack power -58
  • Initiative -30
  • Cover Points -0

Lv1 StatsEdit

  • Endurance -8
  • Strength -18
  • Intellect -7
  • Agility -10
  • Dexterity -22

Lv1 Magic ResistancesEdit

  • Fire -10%
  • Water -15%
  • Air -55%
  • Earth -15%
  • Mind -5%
  • Death -15%

Starting EquipmentEdit

Acquired Equipment Edit

Active AbilitiesEdit

(Must be learned, in order to use)

  • Poison - Poisons target for 3 turns, dealing 100 damage per turn.
  • Extra Attack - Gain additional attack next turn.
  • Teleport Enemy - Enemy is teleported to any point on the battlefield.


  • Gains 45 health for every point of Endurance
  • Gains 2 Attack Power for every point of Strength
  • Gains 1 Attack Power for every point of Dexterity

Units in the Empire faction in Disciples III
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Fighters Squire Witch Hunter Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor  
Knight Imperial Knight Paladin Defender of the Faith
Holy Avenger
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Mages Apprentice Battle Mage Elementalist  
Wizard White Wizard  
Healers Acolyte Cleric Matriarch Prophetess  
Priestess Imperial Priestess Hierophant  
Special   Titan  
Guardians Boundary Guardian -> Defender of the Empire -> Faith Guardian • Capital: Myzrael

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