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Legion disicples

Coat of arms of Legions of the Damned as pictured in Disciples III - Renaissance

Legions of the Damned is one of the playable races in the Disciples series. The Legions were created by the fallen angel Bethrezen (a Lucifer-like dark god) and devil-worshiping humans who wish to release the dark god from his ten-thousand-year captivity at the core of Nevendaar - Bethrezen's own creation for which he was cast down by the Highfather. Ashkael, Bethrezen's commander of the Legions, protects the demonic capital from all those who oppose the dark god. The Legions appear to speak a dialect similar to ancient Latin.

Short HistoryEdit

Disciples II Edit

Ten years have passed since the Demons last tried to free their god from his prison beneath the earth. Although they were stopped by the combined might of the Empire and the Mountain Clans, the demons were far from beaten. In secret covens and cults they hid, biding their time, waiting for a sign from their dark god that the time was right for them to strike back against the Empire and its allies.

Disciples III: Renaissance Edit


Legion of the Damned GameplayEdit

Disciples II Edit

Legion of the Damned is considered hard to play by many beginners, but it's also considered one of the most played races by experienced players. Since Legion has two of four stables that uses the large two-slot units, that being Demons (for Other) and Gargoyles (for Ranged) units and the Fiend for (Special), this makes them slowest upgrading race in entire game. Because of this, they are hard to play at early stage of the game, but once they hit the high level, they are force to be reckoned with. This however, is balanced by their strong spell, possibly the strongest spells in the game. Not only that they have a lot of magic spells that deal massive amount of damage, but they have many spells that cripples other parties. One of the most infamous spells is Paraseus, which takes all movement from a single enemy party for one turn. Combining tactics, sneak attacks and deadly spells with massive damage units is key to victory for Legion player.


  • Overall good damage
  • Lots of powerful two slot big monsters
  • Great disabling ability with polymorph
  • Good offensive magic
  • Flexible casters
  • All Flying heroes


  • Slow to level
  • Weak starting units
  • No defensive magic
  • Two slot single target damage unit

As said before, Legion of the Damned units takes a lot of time to upgrade, but once they are high level, they are tough to destroy and can deal massive amount of damage in a single turn. Demons can be recruited as single target fighters or multiple target. Gargoyles are backbone of Legion's armies, taking down every enemy spellcaster, healer or archer. Combined with lethal warriors and massive damage mages, they are not to be taken lightly.

Many players say that Legion has best heroes in the game. Since they all have flying ability, they don't have any movement penalty which gives them upper hand at global maps, and this makes their Guildmaster hero best Guildmaster hero of all.

  • Duke Warrior Lord. The Duke's warlike spirit leads demons into battle, sword in hand.
  • Arch-Devil Mage Lord. The Archdevil is master of the arcane; he has knowledge of staffs and scrolls.
  • Counselor Guildmaster Lord. The Counselor leads the vanguard of the Legions forces; he travels at high speed upon the lands.
  • Baroness Rod Bearer. Under the Baroness' control the realm transforms into a fiery wasteland.

The Legion of the Damned has no choice in fighters. They start from the basic fighter unit and go to fourth level unit.

  • Possessed - Basic fighter unit. The Demon Lord enslaves these strong-bodied peasants to fight his Infernal battles.
  • Berzerker - Second level fighter unit. As humanity weakens in these possessed creatures, their violence becomes uncontrollable.
  • Anti-Paladin - Third level fighter. Demons have mastered souls of those once Holy Warriors, their virtuous past has long been forgotten.
  • Infernal Knight - Fourth fighter unit. Knights that once fought for Highfather; Their souls have been corrupted to Bethrezen's purposes. They learned to regenerate their wounds as Empire cohorts.
  • Fiend - The Fiend hides his misshapen form within the Labyrinthine area. Few ca resist it's furious attack.

Mage Units
Legion of the Damned has many aspects of Mage units. They can chose between fire damaging mages or mind attack Witches and Succubi.

First path

Second path

Ranged Attack Units
Much like Fighter tree, Legion of the Damned has no other option the to chose Gargoyles.

Support Units

Summonable Units

Disciples III: Renaissance Edit


Units in the Legions faction in Disciples III
Leaders DukeCounselorArch-DevilThief (Legion) • Hero: Haarhus
Fighters Possessed Berserker Dark Paladin Infernal Knight  
Archers Gargoyle Marble Gargoyle Onyx Gargoyle  
Mages Cultist Witch Daughter of Sin Succubus  
Sorcerer Demonologist Pandemonius Modeus
Support Imp Demon Moloch Demon Lord Abyssal Devil
Beast Tiamath
Special   Fiend  
Guardians Spark -> ?? -> ?? • Capital: Ashkael

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