As warlike leaders, the King's Guard are sent to quell any danger that threatens the Dwarven lands.

In Disciples IEdit

In Disciples IIEdit

The King's Guard are the most powerful Warrior Leaders in Disciples 2. At level one they have 225 HP and can deal 60 damage with their axe attack. King's Guard also have the Artifact Lore ability at first level.


Warrior Lord - King's Guard
HP: 225 (+15/Level)
Armor: 0
Attack: Battle Axe
Chance to hit: 80% (+1/level)
Damage: 60 (+10/level)
Source: Weapon
Initiative: 40
Reach: Adjacent Units
Targets: 1
Leadership: 3
Abilities: Artifact Lore

In Disciples IIIEdit


King's Guard

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