Disciples III: Renaissance Edit

For version 1.06

  • Esc - menu
  • F1 - video lessons
  • F9 - save a screenshot (in your DisciplesIII install folder, shot_xxxx.tga)
  • Space - complete the turn (at the tactical arena)
  • WASD - move the camera
  • Up arrow - rotate the camera on the "north"
  • Ctrl - analogue clicking the mouse wheel
  • Alt - highlight active objects and loot
  • Page Dn/Up - Zoom Up/Down
  • Shift - a window of information about any object or character (press and hold)
  • Shift + Right Mouse Button - leaves open the window "Information about the character / unit" (on the window button appears on the "Close")
  • Arrows to the left / right - turn the camera to the left / right
  • Wheel Mouse - camera control (rotation - bring / remove, with the click wheel you can rotate the camera)
  • Alt + F4 - Quick finish game and exit desktop (even in combat)

Source: Kalypso Media forum post

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