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Disciples III: Renaissance- Is a turn-based strategy-RPG game. It was Developed by Russian studio .dat. It was released in Russia on December 11 2009, In Europe on June 16 2010, and in North America on July 12 2010. The game uses .dat’s in-house Virtual Dream engine. The game features 3 out of 5 playable races: The Empire, Elven Alliance and Legions of the Damned. Each race has its own Single-Player Campaign.

An Expansion Pack, Disciples 3: Resurrection of Mortis, has been announced as being in production, and was released in Russia in November. It is not yet available in other languages however. The expansion introduces a new playable race - The Undead Hordes.


The biggest change in Disciples 3 is setting the entire game world in 3D. With a fully adjustable camera, the game view is nearly identical to that of Heroes of Might and Magic V. The Dark Fantasy climate characteristic to the Disciples series has been kept, giving the game a much more realistic look.

The Battle screen has been changed into a hexagonal battle grid on which units can freely move, take cover behind obstacles, cover weaker units behind them, and step on one of the three power-ups which gives a boost to melee, magical or ranged damage.

Upon Upgrading to a higher tier, units jumps several levels (for example, when level 1 Squire levels up, it becomes a level 2 Squire, but if an Armory is built in the castle, the level 1 Squire becomes a level 5 Knight).

There are no rodbearers in Disciples 3. Instead, there are certain spots, on the scenario map known as Guardian Nodes, where upon being reached by any hero (even the summoned ones like Living Armor), the Guardian is planted. Guardians are static characters, that acts both like Rod and a garrison, defending the nodes, and increasing the size of owner's domain. They also have three levels- Basic, Medium, and Strong, and can house any number of units (but no heroes). The Guardians gain experience not only by fighting off enemies, but also receives some after each turn.

Player cannot upgrade neutral cities anymore, they upgrade themselves with time.

There is a new resource- Stones, which are used for creating structures in the castle (although gold is still required). Stones are gained just like any other resource.

Thiefs have been put in the same league as the other heroes- he can level up, and take units with him.

Maximum units number per hero is increased to 7. Big units like Demons or Gargoyles now count as only one unit, instead of two.

Hero gains new abilities differently. Upon leveling up, hero may choose 3 point to increase one of the following stats:

  • Endurance- raises max HP
  • Strength- Raises Physical Attack Power
  • Intelligence- Raises Magical Attack Power
  • Agility- Raises chance to Evade attacks and receive Critical Damage
  • Dexterity- Raises Attack accuracy and boosts Critical hit rate

Also, hero can assign 2 points to ability tree, in which he can choose either a stat boost, increased defense from certain attacks, another leadership point, or a special Active Skill, which is different to any hero.

Heroes now don't need certain Lores to equip new things. Each hero has got full equipment (albeit basic) from the beginning, and can find or buy new one. Also, there are no Banners and Artifacts.

Another change is that instead of 1 turn = 1 day, as with previous installments, each turn represents one of the day's four phases: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night.

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