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Disciples: Sacred Lands is a Turn Based Strategy (TBS) game with RPG elements similar to that of Heroes of Might and Magic that was published by Strategy First in the year 1999. It depicted a fallen world known as Nevandaar or more commonly known as Sacred Lands. While the gameplay is based around the people/soldiers who make up these Sacred Lands, the main plots are about the gods and kings of Nevandaar and grand events that are bigger than the gameplay itself. The four factions in this games are these:

  • Bethrezen, Prince of Darkness, Monarch of the Legions of the Damned,
  • Wotan, Guardian of the Sacred Forge, and god of the Mountain Clans,
  • Mortis, Creator of plague and pestilence, Master of the Undead Hordes, and
  • the Highfather, God of Light, Grand Protector of The Empire.

There is a Campaign for each of the four races, and each has a unique plot and story, as well as a mythology for their gods, as well as their own tactics, soldiers, and spells.

Introduction SpeechEdit


Chaos was inevitable.

The signs align themselves as an ill omen.

Havoc is upon the Lands.

And history will be written in the blood of the vanquished.

For as the stars bejewel the darkening sky, Evil, lurking in obscurity, is twisting and corrupting souls. The Gods Themselves watched silently as the Disciples prepare their minions for the tasks ahead. Chaos has begun anew.

Four realms will wage war, sealing the fate of their race and ensuring the existence of their Gods.

Bethrezen, Prince of Darkness, Monarch of the Legions of the Damned.

Wotan, Guardian of the Sacred Forge and God of the Mountain Clans.

Mortis, Creator of Plague and Pestilence, Master of the Undead Hordes.

The Highfather, God of Light, Grand Protector of the Empire.

Cowards should not venture out to the dark ages to come, as many will die and blood will flow relentlessly upon the battlefields... for it is the victor in battle who writes history."

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