Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit

The Archmage may look young, but we have no illusions regarding his seemingly defenseless looks. In the lands, where he emerges, There is no place for heresy, banditry or treason, and the gossip about his tremendous power is heard even outside of the Empire.

  • Attack Type -Ranged
  • Attack Source -Air
  • Target -All
  • Movement Range-3 hexes

Lv1 AttributesEdit

  • Health -520
  • Armor -12
  • Attack power -42
  • Initiative -20
  • Cover Points -0

Lv1 StatsEdit

  • Endurance -13
  • Strenght -5
  • Intellect -17
  • Agility -12
  • Dexterity -16

Lv1 Magic ResistancesEdit

  • Fire -15%
  • Water -15%
  • Air -35%
  • Earth -15%
  • Mind -5%
  • Death -20%

Starting EquipmentEdit

Acquired Equipment Edit

Active AbilitiesEdit

(Must be learned, in order to use)

  • Revive - Revives fallen ally.
  • Polymorph - Caster is morphed into Animated Armor.
  • Teleport Friend - Ally is teleported to any point on the battlefield.
  • Summon Familiar - Summons Golem


  • Gains 40 hit points for each point of Endurance.
  • As a Mage whose attacks deal damage to all units, the Archmage gains 2.5 Attack Power per point of Intellect.

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