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Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit


An Acolyte is a young and inexperienced healer, but she cannot watch from the sidelines as darkness advances on the lands on Nevendaar. She is always prepared to ease the suffering of the wounded warriors, so that they can rise again to battle with the enemies of the Emperor.

  • Attack Type -Ranged
  • Attack Source -Divine
  • Target -Single
  • Movement Range-5 hexes

Lv1 AttributesEdit

  • Health -180
  • Armor -2
  • Critical hit -0
  • Attack power -37
  • Initiative -10
  • Cover Points -0

Lv1 StatsEdit

  • Endurance -6
  • Strenght -4
  • Intellect -15
  • Agility -15
  • Dexterity -5

Lv1 Magic ResistancesEdit

  • Fire -20%
  • Water -0%
  • Air -25%
  • Earth -5%
  • Mind -0%
  • Death -0%

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